Tim Murrell

Tim Murrell


Princeton Tec Quad - Headlamps

Princeton Tec Quad - Headlamps: Reviews

No more slow fade: Regulated LED technology provides constant brightness as batteries drain, and a power meter indicates when juice is getting low. Like most Princeton Tec lamps, the Quad is...

Brunton L3 - Headlamps

Brunton L3 - Headlamps: Reviews

Most high-wattage lights are prone to overheating, but not the L3. Heat-diffusing plastic fins allow this three-watt lamp to blaze without any time constraints. Search-and-rescue types will love the...

Black Diamond Spot - Headlamps

Black Diamond Spot - Headlamps: Reviews

With eight settings, the Spot sports an impressive range of beams. Its low weight and intense one-watt LED make it a great choice for multiday treks. 3 oz; www.bdel.comBummer: Changing batteries is a...

Petzl Tikka Plus - Headlamps

Petzl Tikka Plus - Headlamps: Reviews

This tiny but powerful lamp easily lit the way on a night hike in the Grand Canyon. But the limited swivel range means it's not ideal for dicey terrain. 2.8 oz; www.petzl.com

Princeton Tec Apex - Headlamps

Princeton Tec Apex - Headlamps: Reviews

Separate buttons for each set of LEDs -- there are penetrating beams in both spot and spread patterns -- save click-through hassle. The three-watt power is superbright, but as with the L3, it's a...