Justin Nyberg

How to Build a Bomber Anchor

To set up your own anchor for a climbing top rope (or slackline, or car stuck in a ditch), all you need is a 20-foot piece of webbing, a carabiner, and a tree.

Trail-Running Gear Essentials

1. SHELL MontBell's Mistral Parka is a hooded squall shield that vents well enough for sweaty runs and packs down to a softball-size bundle. $110; montbell.com [sidebar img=1497251 | hed=Trail-...

The Goods: Road-Race Day

1. BROOKS INFINITI JACKET The billboard-size logo on the back will make you feel like a pro during warm-ups, while reflective touches make it great for chilly dusk workouts. $100; brooksrunning.com...

Hut Check

Eight new tools to help you make the most of your next backcountry foray

Ryan Hall

The Fast & the Fit

Put that weekly jog to rest and take your training to a new level with our guide to technique, gear, and recovery

Southern Flakes

Southern Flakes

If you build a ski mountain, they will come? That's what one Texas resort believes.

San Francisco

City Slicker

Escape from New York (and nine other big cities) with these 40 fast adventures

Drink Responsibly

Groundbreaking new research shows there's a better way to fill your tank

Sports Drinks


Six high-octane sports drinks


1. Sunglasses » No sweat streaks, no sunscreen smudges, no frames blocking peripheral vision. Runners won't find a better pair of sunglasses than OAKLEY's Gear of the Year–winning Radars. $155–$...

Virtually Fit

What happens when training goes digital? Your workouts get real.

Triple Threat

After a breakout year, this native Colorado triathlete is ready for the world stage


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