Justin Nyberg

Rab Microlight Alpine Event - Hard Shells: Reviews

Rab Microlight Alpine Event - Hard Shells: Reviews

Good for Trail When the weather waffled between freezing rain and slushy snow, this top-shelf technical jacket hit its stride. It's a hybrid—a 750-fill down sweater wrapped in an eVent hard...

Strength Training

Muscle Up

Alternating these two groups of strength exercises will prep your legs and core to climb and descend well with a loaded pack.

Breathe Easier

Reaching Mt. Rainier's summit requires a strong aerobic base, and plenty of hill climbing. Here's how to get both.

Mount Rainier

Get on Top

The Camp Muir routes up Mount Rainier are all-time classics. Here's what to expect.

Mt. Rainier

Yes You Can: Climb Mount Rainier

It's huge. It's nasty. And it's a beast to get up. But guess what: The summit is worth all the hard work it takes to get there.

Fred Beckey


He's the original dirtbag hero, with a record of first ascents and endless exploration that will never be matched. At 87, Fred Beckey is still crazy for rock.