Mark Anders

Mark Anders


9 Essentials for Summer SUP

Paddleboarding keeps getting bigger—and the SUPs keep getting better. Here are three of the most versatile new models. Plus, smart tools for discerning paddlers

Surftech Saber

There are faster, prettier SUPs out there, but the Saber ($1,199) is by far the year’s most well-rounded.

The Best SUPs of 2014

In less than a decade, SUPing has gone from a fringe pastime of Hawaiian watermen to one of the nation’s fastest-growing sports.

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5 stories by our editors about near-death experiences and how they survived.

The 6 Best Stand-Up Paddleboards of Summer 2012

Though there are many larger, better-known SUP manufacturers, Pau Hana is quickly carving out a name for itself with fast, well-priced boards like the fitness and adventure-ready Crossfit.

The 4 Best Surfboards of Summer 2012

The latest trend in surfboard design is stout, full figures. All four of the boards we selected, from the short and fat Third World Exotic Surfboards Ghostbuster to the 5'11" Lost Bottom Feeder, are...

The Best SUP Paddles of 2012

You can extend or collapse the Kialoa Pupu according to your height and whether you’re surfing or touring, so if you need one paddle to do double-duty, this is it.

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