Anthony Cerretani

Highgear TrailAudio - Audio Players: Reviews

Highgear TrailAudio - Audio Players: Reviews

FLYWEIGHTCountless ambles down to the local java joint validated the TrailAudio's always-at-hand design. I stocked this two-ouncer with 11 Led Zeppelin albums and clipped it to my belt loop. With a...

Suunto X6M - Watches

Suunto X6M - Watches: Reviews

Don't be fooled by the swank stainless-steel casing: The X6M provides hardcore features, including compass, feet-per-minute altitude tracker, weather gauge, and PC connectivity.

Polar F55 - Watches

Polar F55 - Watches: Reviews

This genius watch measures your resting heart rate (collected while you take a five-minute break) and automatically builds a weekly training regimen. Then it tracks your progress and updates your...

Timex Trail Runner Bodylink - Watches

Timex Trail Runner Bodylink - Watches: Reviews

Training in unfamiliar terrain? This watch wirelessly connects to a heart-rate strap and a belt-or arm-mounted GPS unit for altitude and navigation coordinates.

HighGear PulseWare Duo - Watches

HighGear PulseWare Duo - Watches: Reviews

Place two fingers on the Duo's sensors and, seconds later, you've got your pulse rate. The bargain price also includes a wireless heart-rate strap (for more accurate measurement) and chronograph. www...

Apple iPod Photo - Audio Players: Reviews

Apple iPod Photo - Audio Players: Reviews

The killer app of the digital music revolution leapfrogs the pack by inviting your camera to the party. This 40-gig Gear of the Year champ easily organizes and pumps out 10,000 songs—or up to 25...

Nike MP3 Run - Audio Players: Reviews

Nike MP3 Run - Audio Players: Reviews

TRES HERMESSpice up your morning five-miler with 125 of your favorite songs. With its pack-of-gum-size wireless sensor clipped to your laces, the MP3 Run tracks your speed, distance, and pace. Hit a...

Oakley Thump - Audio Players: Reviews

Oakley Thump - Audio Players: Reviews

BOLD STATEMENTIt felt good to be the only guy running the trails of Boulder, Colorado, sans flapping headphone wires. In a wild science project, Oakley pimped out a pair of its Half Jacket sunglasses...

Jean-Michel Cousteau

Podcast: Listen to an interview with Jean-Michel Cousteau The new patriarch of the first family of the sea, Jean-Michel, 68-year-old son of the legendary Jacques Cousteau, is founder and...


Eiger, Action

The Alps Trailer: When director Stephen Judson, 61, decided to follow John Harlin III up the Eiger for the stunning new Imax film The Alps (opening in March), he enlisted the best in alpine...

Be a Sake Sommelier

Don't get us wrong: We like sake bombs as much as the next guy. But limiting your experience with this fine beverage¬ówith its dearth of hangover-promoting congeners¬óto the one-dimensional, frat-boy...