Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen


The Outsider’s Ode to the City

The metal spires and busy streets of a city pale in comparison to snowy peaks and undulating countryside, but there's something redeeming—dare I say special—about the concrete jungle

Washington drones flying DJI Dickey River drone Phantom Olympic Peninsula uav

Drones Grounded

As of Wednesday, pilots of hobbyist drones like the DJI Phantom will no longer be allowed to fly their gadgets in national parks.

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The Ultimate Urban Utility Bike

What do you get when a company known for its luxury airplane seats teams up with a well-known bike builder from Seattle? Answer: the ultimate utility bike. And we’re excited about it for a few...

Raleigh Tamland 1

The Raleigh Tamland is the most versatile, well-behaved, and eager bike this author has ridden.

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A Boy and His Drone

Camera-equipped flying robots have quickly become a ­staple of the ­adventure world, filming first ascents and nailing poachers. But that’s just the beginning. As Eric Hansen found out during a cross...

The Best Travel Cameras

Anyone shopping now can pick up a terrific, future-proof travel camera. So get ready to hit the road—and document your adventure.

Hokkaido Japan Sean Pettit powder skiing

Niseko Is Japan’s Mythical Powder Paradise

In a typical January, the fabled Japanese resort Niseko gets more snow—nearly 15 feet—than any ­other ski area in the world. Is there such a thing as too much? We sent Eric Hansen to find out.

The Five Runs You Need to Ride before You Die

Five Runs You Need to Ride Before You Die

Self-respecting skiers and snowboards owe it to themselves to dig their edges into the best slopes before they reach that big resort in the sky, and we're not talking about Montana. Add these epic...

Surfing the Desert States of India

Eric Hansen gets a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of a project to surf in each of India's states, nevermind that 21 (of 28) are landlocked and that the coastline is known for little more than...