Eric Hansen

Eric Hansen


Clayoquot Wilderness Resort British Columbia

Land of the Lost

How do you pick an adventure in a country as big and boundless as Canada? We asked our favorite nomads to reveal the greatest hidden paddling, biking, and hiking spots, from Nova Scotia to the...

The Himalaya Everest Edition watch

The Controversial Everest Watch

The fact that Kobold's new Himalayan Edition watch is built with a few chunks of rock that, technically speaking, were removed illegally from Everest has caused a minor hubbub

Buffalo Bayou Paddle Trail

Urban Waterways

From farm shares to bike shares, these seven flashes of genius are reinventing a metropolis near you.


The Killing Fields

In 2009, seven Nepalese villagers died mysteriously while foraging for a fungal aphrodisiac worth its weight in gold. Was it murder? Eric Hansen travels to the remote Lost Valley, in the high...

Elizabeth Hawley

The High Priestess of Posterity

The world's best climbers flock to Nepal to tackle new routes on remote peaks. But their feats don't count until a little old lady from New York says so.


Going Straight

In a tech-assisted misadventure, our man finds the most difficult line between two points

sensory deprivation

Nothing is Illuminated

Could floating in a sensory-deprivation tank for several hours be as mind-expanding as a real-life adventure? Our neurological guinea pig is about to find out.

Cloudveil Zorro - Storm Shells: Reviews

Cloudveil Zorro - Storm Shells: Reviews

If God is in the details, the Zorro is heaven-sent. The hood, which adjusts behind the head and below the chin, cinches out of view with or without a helmet—making it the best we tested. The...

REI Aegis - Storm Shells: Reviews

REI Aegis - Storm Shells: Reviews

(The Hybrid)This mix-and-match jacket uses two types of fabric to deliver a blend of soft- and storm-shell performance. Waterproof-breathable nylon protects the shoulders, chest, and hips—the...

Ground Hard Place - Soft Shells: Reviews

Ground Hard Place - Soft Shells: Reviews

The low-key ranch-jacket exterior of the Hard Place conceals some trick technology. A finish called NanoSphere magically repels stains and dirt from the abrasion-resistant Schoeller WB-400 fabric. A...