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The North Face Radial: Trail Runners: Review

The North Face Radial: Trail Runners: Review

Don't resign yourself to bad form. My clunky stride isn't pretty, and the Radial's boldly curved outsole helped my foot roll from heel to toe more smoothly than usual—and get quicker rebound....

Gregory Iso - Daypacks

Gregory Iso - Daypacks: Reviews

Paper-thin silicone-treated nylon, compact size, and a frameless suspension make the Iso superlight—and a good choice for speed hikes. The tradeoff is decreased abrasion resistance and...

Montrail Odyssey - Trail Runners: Review

Montrail Odyssey - Trail Runners: Review

If you're one of the lucky ones who can trot out the front door and weave together a perfect run on a mix of trail and pavement, stop gloating and buy a pair of Odysseys. At first glance the toothy...

Marmot Bodie - Daypacks

Marmot Bodie - Daypacks: Reviews

Judicious use of siliconized nylon—bolstered by 1,000-denier reinforcements—make the Bodie both water-repellent and durable while keeping weight low. 2.5 lbs, 2,000 cu in;

Merrell Overdrive - Trail Runners: Review

Merrell Overdrive - Trail Runners: Review

We can only imagine the highly caffeinated sessions that produced the Overdrive. No detail has been left out or unexamined, from integrated drain holes in the outsole to a protected gaiter strap...

Mountain Hardwear Phenom - Daypacks

Mountain Hardwear Phenom - Daypacks: Reviews

This climber-friendly pack has a removable hipbelt—a plus when wearing it with a harness—and a weight-shaving detachable lid. Brilliant: Tool attachments double as bottle openers. 2.9 lbs...

Montrail Highlander - Trail Runners: Review

Montrail Highlander - Trail Runners: Review

With all due respect to Martha Stewart, this shoe is the ultimate control freak. With close-to-the-ground feel and gravity-defying weight, the Highlander is like a racing flat for trails. Speed...

Teva X-1/C - Women's Trail Runners

Teva X-1/C - Women's Trail Runners: Reviews

Ever had one of those days when your feet felt so light it's like they weren't quite touching the ground? The X-1/C is the next best thing to bottling that feeling. The secret is shaving every...

Teva X-1/C - Trail Runners: Review

Teva X-1/C - Trail Runners: Review

If you took a razor and cut every gram of fat from a typical trail runner, you'd get the X-1/C. Amazingly, Teva didn't have to whittle away stability to do it. The trick: The upper's lacing-and-...

Helly Hansen Mars

Helly Hansen Mars - Windshells: Review

Your boxers weigh more than this full-zip nylon jacket. It blocks the breeze but lets steam out with a latticework of armpit vents, then disappears into your pocket when the wind dies down. 2 oz; www...

Keen Ochoco - Women's Trail Runners: Reviews

If a moon boot gave birth to a trail runner, it would look like the Ochoco. But we doubt it would run as well. The padded ankle, soft tongue, and firm arch support gave us blissful feet after long...

Brooks L.S.D. Jacket

Brooks L.S.D. Jacket - Windshells: Review

You'll look like an astronaut out for a run, but this Space Age polyester pullover—with a water-repellent coating—squashes to the size of a plum. The lone pocket is accordingly tiny. 3 oz;...

Outdoor Research Razor

Outdoor Research Razor - Windshells: Review

Stretchy taffeta panels in key places—elbows, shoulders, and sides—make the Razor our choice when mobility and breathability (not weather resistance) are the highest priorities. 4 oz; www....

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