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Teva X-1/C - Women's Trail Runners

Teva X-1/C - Women's Trail Runners: Reviews

Ever had one of those days when your feet felt so light it's like they weren't quite touching the ground? The X-1/C is the next best thing to bottling that feeling. The secret is shaving every...

Montrail Highlander - Trail Runners: Review

Montrail Highlander - Trail Runners: Review

With all due respect to Martha Stewart, this shoe is the ultimate control freak. With close-to-the-ground feel and gravity-defying weight, the Highlander is like a racing flat for trails. Speed...

Teva X-1/C - Trail Runners: Review

Teva X-1/C - Trail Runners: Review

If you took a razor and cut every gram of fat from a typical trail runner, you'd get the X-1/C. Amazingly, Teva didn't have to whittle away stability to do it. The trick: The upper's lacing-and-...

Helly Hansen Mars

Helly Hansen Mars - Windshells: Review

Your boxers weigh more than this full-zip nylon jacket. It blocks the breeze but lets steam out with a latticework of armpit vents, then disappears into your pocket when the wind dies down. 2 oz; www...

Brooks L.S.D. Jacket

Brooks L.S.D. Jacket - Windshells: Review

You'll look like an astronaut out for a run, but this Space Age polyester pullover—with a water-repellent coating—squashes to the size of a plum. The lone pocket is accordingly tiny. 3 oz;...

Keen Ochoco - Women's Trail Runners: Reviews

If a moon boot gave birth to a trail runner, it would look like the Ochoco. But we doubt it would run as well. The padded ankle, soft tongue, and firm arch support gave us blissful feet after long...

Outdoor Research Razor

Outdoor Research Razor - Windshells: Review

Stretchy taffeta panels in key places—elbows, shoulders, and sides—make the Razor our choice when mobility and breathability (not weather resistance) are the highest priorities. 4 oz; www....

Lowe Alpine Airspeed

Lowe Alpine Airspeed - Windshells: Review

Cold, sunny, blowing, wet—when weather changes every ten minutes, the Airspeed keeps pace with zip-off sleeves and a drizzle-resistant shell. 8 oz;

Cloudveil Cache Creek

Cloudveil Cache Creek - Windshells: Review

Pull on this warm shell when the mercury plummets. The densely knit polyester doesn't flap in the wind, and a fleecy lining wicks sweat (but adds heft). 12 oz;

Vasque Blur - Trail Runners: Review

Vasque Blur - Trail Runners: Review

Not counting genetic mutants like ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes—who could probably jog a century in flip-flops—the rest of us need trail runners that can go from dirt to rock to road and do...

Adidas Climacool Cardrona

Adidas Climacool Cardrona - Trail Runners: Review

So hot you're tempted to run in sandals? Give your feet the air—and support—they need with the Cardrona. Thin, open-weave mesh means your dogs can feel every cool mountain breeze that blows...

Timberland Endurion - Trail Runners: Review

If you train like a mailman—neither rain nor sleet will stop you—reach for these submersibles. The seamless upper is sealed with a Gore-Tex XCR liner and reinforced with a see-through TPU...

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