Lindsay Yaw

Lindsay Yaw


Helly Hansen Mars

Helly Hansen Mars - Windshells: Review

Your boxers weigh more than this full-zip nylon jacket. It blocks the breeze but lets steam out with a latticework of armpit vents, then disappears into your pocket when the wind dies down. 2 oz; www...

Brooks L.S.D. Jacket

Brooks L.S.D. Jacket - Windshells: Review

You'll look like an astronaut out for a run, but this Space Age polyester pullover—with a water-repellent coating—squashes to the size of a plum. The lone pocket is accordingly tiny. 3 oz;...

Keen Ochoco - Women's Trail Runners: Reviews

If a moon boot gave birth to a trail runner, it would look like the Ochoco. But we doubt it would run as well. The padded ankle, soft tongue, and firm arch support gave us blissful feet after long...

Outdoor Research Razor

Outdoor Research Razor - Windshells: Review

Stretchy taffeta panels in key places—elbows, shoulders, and sides—make the Razor our choice when mobility and breathability (not weather resistance) are the highest priorities. 4 oz; www....

Vasque Blur - Trail Runners: Review

Vasque Blur - Trail Runners: Review

Not counting genetic mutants like ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes—who could probably jog a century in flip-flops—the rest of us need trail runners that can go from dirt to rock to road and do...

United Kingdom

Wild Kingdom

When a study this past spring revealed that the British are significantly healthier than Americans, we went looking for the wellness benefits of warm beer. But it turns out there are plenty of more...

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Trail Runners

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Trail Runners

Vasque Blur

Gear of the Year: Trail Runners

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