Dennis Lewon

Dennis Lewon


Old-School Cool

Filson Mackinaw Cruiser

Dennis Lewon, Sam Moulton, and Megan Michelson
Oct 15, 2007


1. Sunglasses » No sweat streaks, no sunscreen smudges, no frames blocking peripheral vision. Runners won't find a better pair of sunglasses than OAKLEY's Gear of the Year–winning Radars. $155–$...

Justin Nyberg, Kevin Kennedy, Dennis Lewon, Mark Anders, Grayson Schaffer, and Ted Stedman
May 16, 2007

Oakley Thump Pro

Mysteries of the mind-body connection: Why does Willie Nelson make me run faster than the White Stripes? And why do both sound so much better coming out of the Thump Pro? I don't have answers,...

Mike Steere, Aaron Gulley, Dennis Lewon, Kevin Kennedy, and Berne Broudy
May 16, 2007

Road Runners

New Balance 902

Brian Metzler, John Bradley, Aaron Gulley, Sam Moulton, Marcus Woolf, Dennis Lewon, Mark Anders, Grayson Schaffer, Mike Steere, Kevin Arnold, and Ted Stedman
May 11, 2007


Planning to book that trip to Laos's Houaphan province you saw in our Best Trips of 2007 feature? Don't let a swig of tainted water ruin the journey. Steripen, which pioneered the use of ultraviolet...

Dennis Lewon
Feb 16, 2007


The loss of a climbing party last winter raised a mountain of questions. Namely: What was all the fuss about?

Dennis Lewon
Feb 12, 2007

Impulse Buy

Runners who want to know pace, distance, and calorie output (and nothing more), take note: Silva's TECH40 Accelerator pedometer watches are accurate and inexpensive. $59; [sidebar...

Dennis Lewon
Jan 19, 2007

Trust Us, Your Lawn Can Wait

It's time to take a fresh look at how to make the most of your 48 hours of weekend freedom. From high-adrenaline blasts to ultimate Zen sessions, we've created 37 custom plans to match every...

Kate Siber, Tim Neville, Rolf Potts, and Dennis Lewon
Jul 1, 2006

Need to Know: Trail Runners

Trail Runners

Lindsay Yaw, Aaron Gulley, Eric Hansen, Marcus Woolf, Dennis Lewon, Christopher Solomon, Berne Broudy, Ted Stedman, Kevin Arnold, and Mark Anders
May 18, 2006

Essentials: Running


Lisa Jhung, Aaron Gulley, Dennis Lewon, Grayson Schaffer, Nick Heil, and Ted Stedman
May 17, 2006

Slow Burn

NordicTrack Incline Trainer X10

Dennis Lewon, Aaron Gulley, Melinda Mahaffey, Gordy Megroz, Stephanie Pearson, and Lesley Suppes
May 16, 2006

Gear of the Year: Trail Runners

Vasque Blur

Lindsay Yaw, Brian Metzler, Aaron Gulley, Eric Hansen, Marcus Woolf, Dennis Lewon, Christopher Solomon, Mark Anders, Grayson Schaffer, Mike Steere, Ted Stedman, and Kevin Arnold
May 15, 2006