Christopher Keyes

Christopher Keyes

Christopher Keyes is the editor of Outside.



The Life-Changing Benefits of Animal Encounters

Richard Louv's latest book, 'Our Wild Calling,' explores the relationship between animals and humans. This bond, he says, can change our lives and help save theirs.

Christopher Keyes
Dec 16, 2019

Bill McKibben on Just How Scary These Times Are

'Falter' is a frightening read but also an essential one. And it does offer some hope, pointing to two recent technological advances—solar power and the rise of nonviolent direct action—as the keys...

Christopher Keyes
Apr 22, 2019

The World Outside Is Finally Expanding

This month’s issue is a concerted effort to chart a new path. Its pages are filled with the kinds of stories we’ve long overlooked.

Christopher Keyes
May 1, 2018

Celebrating 40 Years of ‘Outside’

If we’ve learned anything in the past 40 years, it’s that stories about people who have suffered in the extreme are the ones that endure in the minds of readers. That truth is reflected in the fact...

Christopher Keyes
Sep 15, 2017

This Land Is Your Land?

If you care about the future of public lands, you are probably aware that politicians had been making noise about downscaling the Antiquities Act, reducing the size of national monuments, and...

Christopher Keyes
Mar 14, 2017