Christopher Keyes

Christopher Keyes

Christopher Keyes is the editor in chief of Outside.



Why Running Doesn’t Suck

Hard-won advice from someone who hated the sport, until it changed his life

Christopher Keyes
Jun 18, 2021

What Really Happened to the ‘Berserk’?

In September 2017, Outside published a feature about the ‘Berserk,’ a ship that went missing in 2011 off the coast of Antarctica with three men aboard. The expedition leader, Jarle Andhoy, disagreed with the story we published, which contained some factual errors, and with our portrayal of the lost men of the ‘Berserk.’ He also believed that the story left out crucial information about the days before the ship’s disappearance. Outside editor in chief Christopher Keyes interviewed Andhoy and his lawyer, Gunnar Nerdrum Aagaard, to better understand new details the two have gathered, which may help explain what happened to the men on board.

Christopher Keyes
May 17, 2021

I Went Glamping and I Liked It

Can a lifelong tent pitcher with a penchant for roughing it learn to appreciate high-thread-count sheets and teak-floored showers in the midst of nature? Our editor agreed to suffer in the name of research to find out.

Christopher Keyes
Jun 22, 2020

The World Outside Is Finally Expanding

For outdoor brands and journalists, it’s been far too easy to return to familiar places to find writers, stories, and images. This month’s issue is a concerted effort to chart a new path.

Christopher Keyes
May 1, 2018

The Wildest Tales Outside Has Ever Told

Over the last 41 years, we’ve published some astonishing stories of misadventure. This new collection represents the wildest tales we’ve ever told.

Christopher Keyes
Mar 29, 2018