Christopher Keyes

2009 Amgen Tour of California P Tyler Hamilton

Lance Armstrong’s Secret Is Out

The news leaks about The Secret Race have vastly undersold its importance. Tyler Hamilton’s book is a historic, definitive indictment of cycling’s culture of doping during the Armstrong era.

Robert Koester search and resue Christopher Keyes autism children Robert Wood Jr.

Professor Rescue

Christopher Keyes talks with Robert Koester, the renowned search-and-rescue specialist, about looking for autistic children and being involved in the hunt for Robert Wood Jr.

Lance Armstrong Adelaide

Closing Arguments

The case against the case against the case against Lance Armstrong.

Post-Workout Nutrition

After every workout, recovery starts with the first thing you put in your mouth

Oscar Pistorius in South Africa

Oscar Pistorius Has a Huge Carbon Footprint

Now that we know South African track sensation Oscar Pistorius will make it to the start line for the 2012 Olympic Games in London, we may never look at disabilities—or competitive sports—the same...

Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf

No excuses. It's time to ditch that gas-guzzler for an electric car.

Paine at the Tesla dealership in Los Angeles

August media

Director Chris Paine talks about his new documentary Revenge of the Electric Car; the best websites for long-form journalism, and an iPhone app with beta on 17,000 climbing locales.

Bruce Poon Tip

The Journeyman

Bruce Poon Tip, founder of Gap Adventures, on voluntourism and travel in the Twitter age

Andy Schleck and Alberto Contador: In on the joke?

2011 Tour De France

Tour De France Preview: Doping scandals or no doping scandals, we still love the Tour. Here's why you should, too.

Mortenson, photographed for Outside in 2008

Truth and Consequences

Outside Editor Christopher Keyes responds to the Mortenson and Krakauer debate over Three Cups of Tea

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