Christopher Keyes

Chris Lieto

American Ironman Chris Lieto

Chris Lieto is poised to make Americans care about the Ironman again—if he can just hold on to his lead.

Southwest Adventures: Marfa, Texas

BEST: NOW: AVERAGE OCTOBER HIGHS ARE 77 DEGREES If you've heard of Marfa, then you may know about the tiny town's art scene, its post-millennial real-estate boom, and perhaps even the eerie lights...

Mark Burnett Gets Real

Or so he claims. The man who launched CBS's Survivor is focusing his cameras on four modern-day explorers as they retrace one of history's greatest expeditions. But with no tribal council or...

King of Pain

He's got seven yellow jerseys. He's not getting paid. He's 37 years old. So why is Lance Armstrong racing again? Because he still has something to prove—and nothing else hurts so...

Telluride main street

The Uncrowded Mountain Town

TELLURIDE, COLORADO - Between the weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day, the town of Telluride hosts no fewer than 15 festivals. Think about that. On any given Saturday, you might have to share this...

Into the Wild Movie

"I Want This Movie to Grip People in the Heart"

Eleven years after Jon Krakauer's Into the Wild caused a sensation, the family of Christopher McCandless, director Sean Penn, and his all-star cast and crew talk about their quest to bring the...

True Colors

How did Arnold Schwarzenegger, a red governor in America's biggest blue state, win reelection? Simple: He mapped out a future in green.