Jonathan Hanson

Jonathan Hanson


Montrail Hardrock Wide - Trail-Running Shoes

Montrail Hardrock Wide - Trail-Running Shoes

When we finally terraform Mars, the first colonists will doubtless be issued Montrail Hardrock Wides—kicks perfectly suited to the dusty slopes of 78,740-foot-high Olympus Mons. OK, admittedly,...

The North Face Cutback - Trail-Running Shoes

The North Face Cutback - Trail-Running Shoes

ONE SWEET RIDEForget the South Beach Diet: The cushioning here will convince you that you've lost ten pounds. Credit trademarked midsole components (they boil down to strategically tuned EVA and a...

Salomon GCS Pro - Trail-Running Shoes

Salomon GCS Pro - Trail-Running Shoes

BRING ON THE BREEZEYou don't know ventilation until you've experienced the GCS Pro. The uppers are like a screened-in porch—take off the shoe and look straight through it to read your watch, if...

gear of the year

Rebirth of the Cool

The makers of adventure gear and apparel had utility dialed long ago. Now R&D types are zeroing in on style.

The River

On February 4, a team comprising explorers and kayakers from seven nations began a planned two-month-long expedition through the Tsangpo Gorge in southeastern Tibet. Their goal is to chart some of...

The North Face's four-season Mountain 25

The Plan

How exactly do you go about getting 80 people, 14 boats, and several thousand pounds of equipment from one end of the deepest river canyon in the world to the other? You view it like a king-sized,...

Mobile Homes

Thanks to smart design and engineering, today's tents deliver high-altitude performance at a low-elevation price

Cocoon with a View

Innovations in synthetic insulation and a glut of high-quality down are making bags lighter and warmer than ever. We burrow into six of the best.

The Land of Clear Light

Warm, windswept, unfettered, ever-changing—North America's four great desert regions hide untold possibilities for classic winter adventure. They may be scorching and sere, with prickly dangers...

Fast Friends

That's right, you should like your footwear. This will help.


The Outside 25 All-Stars, December 2000