Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is the senior executive editor of Outside.


Meet the World’s Best Tree Climber

In March, Tim Kovar led a group of climbers up a 200-foot-tall ancient redwood tree in the Santa Cruz Mountains in California. As the top tree climber on earth, he also leads tree-climbing...


The portable shower has gotten a much-needed reboot.

The Outdoor Industry Has a Millennial Problem

Outdoor gear and apparel is lighter, more durable and stronger than ever, but millenials, the generation coming into its peak buying years, doesn't seem to care. This has forced gear makers to...

Morgan Maassen Stephanie GIlmore Outside Photography Surfing Surfer Girls

How Surfing's Happiest Champ Returned to Center

Stephanie Gilmore was a world-champion surfer when a brutal attack by a stranger nearly ended her career. Now she's back on top, with a sixth world title, and reveals how she found happiness again—in...

OutsideOnline Spartan Race race live author Joe De Sena

How to Race (and Live) Like a Spartan

“Am I intense? Yes, I’ll be the first to admit it.” So writes Joe De Sena about a third of the way into his new book, Spartan Up!, out May 13 from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt.

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Live by Bike

Never mind the health and environmental benefits. It’s good for the soul.