Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts

Michael Roberts is the senior executive editor of Outside and the host of the Outside Podcast.


Tim Cook Pivots to Fitness

Why Apple’s CEO wants to make health and wellness the company’s greatest legacy

Michael Roberts
Feb 10, 2021

How Cheap Robots Are Transforming Ocean Exploration

Backed by billionaire philanthropists and Silicon Valley venture capitalists, a wave of entrepreneurs are developing high-tech, low-cost technologies to probe the watery realms we still barely understand. Are the oceans finally getting their moon-shot moment?

Michael Roberts
Nov 5, 2019

Jack Johnson Loses His Cool

On his new album, the king of mellow beach music takes a bold turn. We asked him why.

Michael Roberts
Sep 7, 2017

Meet the Creatives Who Make Your Favorite Things

We talked to design maverick Thomas Meyerhoffer about the importance of always exploring. Then we had him speak with four other visionaries building an ingenious new world.

Michael Roberts
Sep 6, 2017

Andy Samberg Likes to Watch

With his new film 'Popstar' in the can, we helped the SNL alum 
blow off steam the best way we know how—birding

Michael Roberts
Jun 8, 2016

The Young and the Tentless

Gear companies know how to make packs lighter, jackets more waterproof, and skis burlier. The only problem: young people couldn’t care less.

Michael Roberts
Jul 30, 2015

How Surfing's Happiest Champ Returned to Center

Stephanie Gilmore was a world-champion surfer when a brutal attack by a stranger nearly ended her career. Now she's back on top, with a sixth world title, and reveals how she found happiness again—in the most unexpected places.

Michael Roberts
Feb 17, 2015

Why We Love Sunski Sunglasses

It started with a salsa bowl, some cheap Australian sunglasses, and a little help from Kickstarter. Now, Sunski is making waves—and its founders are living the dream.

Michael Roberts
Oct 1, 2014

What’s a Doper to Do in Retirement?

On the other side of a distinguished career and a very public doping fiasco, America’s best cyclist not named Lance Armstrong can’t stop riding. But where is his generation of tainted racers heading?

Michael Roberts
Jul 15, 2014