Sam Moulton

Sam Moulton

Sam Moulton is Outside’s director of marketing.


Opt to Act for Life Outdoors

For the last five years, REI has closed its doors on Black Friday for a day outside. This year it's doing more.

Sam Moulton
Sep 8, 2019

The Unofficial Oral History of 'Hot Dog… The Movie'

It has a paint-by-numbers plot, loads of sexism and gratuitous nudity, and a screenplay full of tired racial stereotypes. It’s also the highest-grossing ski movie of all time. Frederick Reimers and Sam Moulton uncover the true story behind every skier’s favorite cult classic.

Sam Moulton and Frederick Reimers
Mar 4, 2016

Where Does Your Down Come From?

Two new initiatives from The North Face and Patagonia aim to only use feathers from birds that have never been live-plucked or force fed.

Sam Moulton
Nov 3, 2014