Kyle Du Ford

Kyle Du Ford


Trek Equinox TTX 9.9 - Road Bikes: Reviews

Trek Equinox TTX 9.9 - Road Bikes: Reviews

WIN A TRIATHLONLance-like speed, La-Z-Boy comfort. Well, almost: The 9.9 features the same basic design of Trek's Armstrong-era time-trial bikes—the TTX foil shape, bottom bracket, wheel cutout...

Powder Skiing

The Classic[sidebar img=1540891 | hed=Powder Skiing]Once you experience Alta's powder, you too will be an Altaholic[/sidebar]ALTA SKI AREA, Utah: Not only does Alta get twice as much snow as...


Strange but true: It feels good to run all day. Prep yourself with this go-far gear.

The Best Bikes of 2006

Rolling Wonders

From sleek and sexy road machines to mountain-taming single-speeds, the big news about this year's best bikes is trickle-down technology that makes cutting-edge performance accessible for every rider...

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