Charles Bethea

High Times with Aspen's Cannabis Kingpin

Jordan Lewis runs the ritziest pot store in the country: Aspen, Colorado's Silverpeak Apothecary, where sommelier-like "budtenders" sell gourmet ganja in a designer showroom. But soon after he...

The New Hut Trip: Durango to Moab on Mountain Bikes

Riding from Durango to Moab on a mountain bike isn't easy: you cover around 215-miles, climbing 3,500 feet a day, some of it probably during a lightning storm or through thick mud, with temperatures...

A Brief History of the Packraft

Packraft use dates back to the 19th century. Check out some of the most notable events in this versatile watercraft's history.

Remembering Dan Fredinburg

In the avalanche that engulfed Base Camp on April 25, Dan Fredinburg was among the 18 killed. His sister shared the news that Fredinburg had “suffered a major head injury and didn’t make it” in an...

deyl kearin kyle korver misogi exercise fitness mental conditioning training basketball endurance training outside

The One-Day-a-Year Fitness Plan

More pain quest than workout, misogi is the secret, punishing ritual that has revolutionized Atlanta Hawks supershooter Kyle Korver's game. You have time for this—if it doesn't kill you first.

Spend the Night in the Sky: Rent a Fire Tower

Jack Kerouac spent the summer of 1956 manning a fire tower on Washington's Desolation Peak, in the northern Cascades. He didn't do much writing there, apparently, despite being alone with pencil and...


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