Megan Michelson

Megan Michelson

Megan Michelson is a freelance writer based in Tahoe City, California.


How to Get Away Without Leaving Your House

While we collectively retreat and wait out this homestay, these are the travel films, books, podcasts, and other immersions that we're turning to for inspiration and escape.

Megan Michelson
Mar 29, 2020

How to Put on Tire Chains

If your car can't make it over the snowy, icy roads safely, you're not going anywhere.

Megan Michelson
Jan 29, 2020

The Controversial Ski Resort That Will Never Exist

Jumbo Glacier Resort—which was projected to have nearly 15,000 acres of skiable terrain and over 5,000 vertical feet—was initially proposed back in 1991 and has spent three decades tied up in legal...

Megan Michelson
Jan 21, 2020

North America's Next Great Ski Towns

As locals get priced out of ski towns like Aspen, Stowe, and Whistler, we went searching for the next great resort spots.

Megan Michelson
Jan 20, 2020