Megan Michelson

6 Iconic Hikes You Should Do Before You Die

Here are six iconic mountains around the world to add to your summit-fever bucket list. The best news? You don't need to be a seasoned mountaineer to climb these peaks.

11 Classic Lines You Can Actually Ski

So you call yourself a skier or snowboarder, eh? Then add these classic lines to your bucket list. From legendary inbounds steeps (see: Corbet's Couloir) to iconic backcountry peaks (here's looking...

How to Live the Good Life in a Ski Town

Ski bumming is hardly a glamorous lifestyle. It means things like eating ramen for dinner, sleeping in your car, and an assortment of odd jobs. But the payoff can be worth it when you get an all-you-...

5 Amazing Crash Course Trips

Want to learn a new skill and visit a faraway locale? You can now do both, thanks to a boom in instructional outdoor clinics worth traveling for.


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