Megan Michelson

Megan Michelson

Capturing the West's Epic El Niño Winter on GoPro

When weather forecasters called for an El Niño this winter, everyone on the West Coast—which typically scores with major snowfall during El Niño winters—rejoiced. But did the storms really deliver?

The 5 Best Places to Spot Spring Wildflowers

April showers bring May flowers, as the saying goes, and El Niño rains can bring on even more spectacular wildflowers than usual. So head to the desert, the mountains, or the coast to catch spring in...

Our 5 Favorite Mountain Breakfasts

Whether you’re refueling after a dawn patrol or heading out for a day of on the snow, here’s where to dig into some of the best breakfasts in the mountains

The Ultimate Winter Adventure Library

Stock your physical and digital library with these must-see, must-read works that capture the worlds of skiing, mountaineering, and winter exploration.

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