Megan Michelson

High Camp Trailer

Leave it to the artisans in Portland, Oregon, to come up with a teardrop trailer that’s so beautiful you may just want to turn it into an outdoor guest room (but really, take this thing camping).

Roccbox Pizza Oven

Roccbox was born when the founder of a wood-burning pizza oven company decided he wanted to make a portable version of his product.

skiing groomer

The Beginner's Perfect Ski Quiver

Your first day on skis, you probably got outfitted in some ancient rental gear or hand-me-down skis and boots, which smelled like a musty attic and didn’t fit right. It’s no wonder the sport seemed...

tuck fest north carolina races zero to hero

The 20 Best Beginner-Friendly Races

Ready to race? Check out these 20 events, carefully curated to provide intrepid newbie skiers, rock climbers, and trail runners a thrilling and welcoming competitive experience.


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