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You Need a New Snowboard

Whatever your riding style, we've got the board for you. Use our Terrain Meter to choose a pair based on the conditions you ski the most.


Best Towns 2009

Healthy. That's the word we kept coming back to. And we don't mean a fit or skinny population; we're talking about a city's cultural vibrancy, economic well-being, and overall quality of life....

Best Cameras

Best Cameras

Choose the right camera and taking great photos will never be a hassle.


Whether you're surfing or simply sitting on the deck, we've got you covered.

Women’s road biking gear

Women's Road Biking

1. FELT ZW1 BIKE It looks fast, it feels fast, and it is fast—even if you're not. The oversize carbon-fiber tubes are dialed for female riders; they were never too stiff, never too soft. Shimano's...

Road cycling race upgrade gears

Race Upgrades

1. MT. BORAH CUSTOM With seven-week turnarounds and minimum orders of just six pieces, Mt. Borah makes customcycling gear easier than ever. Jerseys from $83; 2. VITTORIA OPEN...

Sea Change

How do you swing a great job in the islands? Ask these five guys, all of whom have figured out how to balance a career with the relaxed lifestyle of the Bahamas.

Winter Shirts Jackets

Layer Up

Just because you own a fancy soft shell doesn't mean you should wear it all winter

Men’s Corduroy and Khaki Pants

A Leg Up

From travel-worthy to office-ready, the latest cords and khakis have got you covered

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