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Tucson-based Will Palmer is a freelance editor, a former staffer at Outside, and a longtime reviewer of tech, watches, luggage, running shoes, and apparel for Outside, the Buyer’s Guide, and Outside Online.

Normal Earbuds

The future has arrived, and because it’s built to fit you perfectly, it’s not going anywhere.

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The 9 Best Rugged Cases for the iPhone 6 Plus

It's packed with apps, Internet, and even a phone (how retro), but even the iPhone 6 Plus can't do it all. Any device thin and expansive is vulnerable. We've curated a guide to the protective cases...

The Best Winter Tech of 2015

Digital, wireless, and solar-powered, the newest pieces of outdoor gear help us get off the grid in more ways than one.

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The Best Watches of 2015

Smooth operators for a rugged planet, these military-grade watches will help you feel in control no matter what Nature throws your way.

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The Test of Time

Summer's best timepieces play hard, no matter what you throw at them.

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A High-Tech Radio with an Old-School Look

Growing up in Sedona, Arizona, my friends and I were true pros at shirking responsibility. We spent entire days in the national forest building BMX trails, and in the summers we’d hang around...

Electric FW02 PU

Take a hefty stainless-steel case, add a funky artisanal aesthetic, and let Thomas Edison pick the name—that’s the Electric FW02.

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