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Tucson-based Will Palmer is a freelance editor, a former staffer at Outside, and a longtime reviewer of tech, watches, luggage, running shoes, and apparel for Outside, the Buyer’s Guide, and Outside Online.

The Best Luggage of 2014

The latest camera bags, waterproof duffels, and rollers make getting there that much easier.—Will PalmerCrumpler Vis-à-Vis TrunkSometimes there’s a bag… Oh heck, I lost my train of...

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The Best Meditation Apps

Meditation. It’s not a New Age thing anymore, or a Buddhist thing, or even a David Lynch thing. It’s gone mainstream and secular, and now, like everything else in your life, it’s available as an app.

watches best watches winter buyers guide 2014

The Best Watches of 2014

Check out the best watches of 2014–multi-tasking data crunchers that won't slow you down.

2013 Travel Tech Essentials

Traveling with too many gadgets can make you forget that you’re on vacation. The key is to figure out which ones you truly need. For us, it’s these four.

The Best Adventure Tech of 2013

Sharing powder shots, filming your friend's huck, and keeping in touch have never been easier with gadgets like Fujifilm's XP170 and the DeLorme InReach communicator.

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire

Killer Wales

A wild family adventure in King Arthur country.

Wenger Aerograph Cockpit Chrono

The 6 Best Watches of Summer 2012

Think of them as smartphones for your wrist. The latest sport-specific watches will do practically everything but plan your next adventure for you. We review six of the best, including the Wenger...

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