Will Palmer

Tucson-based Will Palmer is a freelance editor, a former staffer at Outside, and a longtime reviewer of tech, watches, luggage, running shoes, and apparel for Outside, the Buyer’s Guide, and Outside Online.

Suunto T4C - Sports Watches : Reviews

Suunto T4C - Sports Watches : Reviews

This intuitive machine logs workout data and helps you meet goals by dictating what's next. Pair it with the GPS Pod ($169) and it feeds you real-time pace and distance, plus, with the included heart...

Festina Tour - Sport Watches: Reviews

Festina Tour - Sport Watches: Reviews

Time TrialerIf this black-on-black piece from Spanish company Festina were a movie character, it would be one of the Nihilists from The Big Lebowski. In a very good way. With a scratch-resistant...

Reef Chewmaca: Sandals Review

Reef Chewmaca: Sandals Review

Because they have winter in Southern California, too. On your foot, it looks like any flip-flop, but the faux shearling adds more warmth than you'd expect. In other words, buy it for the novelty if...

License to Swill

Turns out moderate drinking might not be preventive medicine after all. But that doesn't mean it's not good for you.

Timberland Earthkeepers 2.0 Boot

Shoes for Adventure Photographers

Walk hard in these travel-ready kicks worth a place in any adventure photographer's duffel.: Patagonia Maui Dew[photo size=original]1483091[/photo]These all-weather, water-resistant-pigskin shoes are...

The New Black Summer Watches

Summer Watches

This summer's coolest timepieces share a slick dark palette and sport an array of new features.