Marc Peruzzi

Marc Peruzzi


The 11 Unspoken Rules of Powder Skiing

With massive storm systems bearing down on the Rockies, it's a good time to go over some rules that will help us all get along out there.

Marc Peruzzi
Jan 17, 2020

Just Because You're Inbounds Doesn't Mean You're Safe

Ski patrol does everything in its means to open terrain safely, but inbounds avalanches still happen even after the patrol runs routes, throws bombs, and ski-cuts slopes. This will never change. We...

Marc Peruzzi
Jan 10, 2020

The Best Skis of 2020

The season’s top performers from our ski test in Steamboat, Colorado, do everything you want them to, no matter what the conditions

Marc Peruzzi and Heather Schultz
Oct 10, 2019

It’s Time We Treat Some Forests Like Crops

The construction business accounts for an estimated 23 percent of the world’s carbon-dioxide emissions—5.7 billion tons, according to the most recent estimates

Marc Peruzzi
Sep 11, 2019