Marc Peruzzi

Marc Peruzzi

Behind the Scenes at Our 2018 Ski Test

Back in February, we ran more than 250 pairs of next winter's skis through their paces at Snowbird, Utah. We're talking a total of 1.5 million vertical feet over three days by 18 testers. Here,...

I Was the First! (And Probably the Only)

Since Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary topped out on Everest in 1953, every obvious first has been firsted. And as each first subsequently gets firsted again—albeit with an added qualifier like...

E-Bikes: Dorkmobiles or Saviors of the Universe?

Last month, the European Cycling Union, the governing body that oversees all European championships in all cycling disciplines, announced that it's adding racing categories for electric-assist road...

How to Fund Conservation in the Age of Moneyball

Like much of the Western world, I've been on a Churchill bender lately. Not because of the film, which was lackluster, but because of recent books like 'Churchill and Orwell' by Thomas Ricks.

Fashion, Keep Your Hands Off Our Gear

Fashion Week has wrapped up in New York. And we don't care, except that they keep sucking outdoor brands into their pop-culture vomitorium.

Team USA's No Good, Very Bad Olympics?

If you're in the hater camp, there are some things you should know about Olympic sports—especially the ones performed outside—before you spew forth your vitriol.

The Best Skis of 2018

We put 161 pairs of planks through the paces during our annual ski test at Utah’s Snowbird. These eight won out.

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