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Ari Goosen


Buyers Guide 2014 Alpine Boots Outside Online

The Best Alpine Boots of 2014

Field tested alpine boots for every type of skier.—Ari GoosenSalomon X-Pro 120BEST FOR: CustomizationEasy customization is the trend in alpine boots, and the X-Pro 120 ($699) is one of the easiest to...

Treat Your Feet Right

Great gear will only get you so far. Be kind to what you put in it. Here are some tips for taking care of your feet on the slopes.

Wigwam Xenon Pro

One pair of thin-to-midweight ski-specific socks is all you need. We’re fans of Wigwam’s Xenon Pro.

The 6 Best Alpine Boots of 2013

Your skis might be flashier, but your boots are the more critical piece of gear. You could roll the dice and buy online, but we highly recommend getting them the old-fashioned way: in person. The...

Custom ski boots

Custom Ski Boots

Skis may be sexier, but boots are more important: if they don’t fit properly, your technique will suffer.

Lange RX 130: Alpine Ski Boots Reviews

Lange RX 130: Alpine Ski Boots Reviews

Expert skiers have long favored the precise fit and feel of Lange boots. The only problem was, if you didn't have narrow feet, the fit could be painfully tight. Enter the brand-new RX 130, the first...

Fischer Soma X-100 - Alpine Boots: Reviews

Fischer Soma X-100 - Alpine Boots: Reviews

This intermediate-level boot's duck-footed stance allows your feet to angle out slightly, which leaves you standing in a more natural position and makes for quicker energy transfers. It takes some...

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