Mark Schrope

Mark Schrope


Conrad Anker, Alison Fromme, Gabriel Sherman, Anthony Cerretani, Michael Behar, Melinda Mahaffey, Frederick Reimers, Dimity McDowell, Lolly Merrell, Justin Nyberg, Ryan Brandt, Mark Schrope, Skip Card, Kate Siber, Jason Daley, Stephanie Pearson, Jason Stevenson, and Sara Blask
Dec 1, 2005

An innovative platform brings Spanish shipwrech spoils to intrepid divers in the Florida Keys

Mark Schrope
May 2, 2004

An innovative dive outfitter lays plans to build a futuristic platform resort—right next to the reef

Mark Schrope
May 1, 2004

Armed with a revolutionary new tracking device, cave divers map threats to Florida's main water source

Mark Schrope
Oct 1, 2003

Be the first to bag the Seven Plummets—the deepest spots in each of the Seven Seas

Mark Schrope, Nick Heil, Charlie Wood, and Bruce McCall
Jan 10, 2002

Using cutting-edge techniques, three young mavericks set out to tackle one of the hardest routes in the Himalayas

Eric Hansen, Misty Blakesley, Michelle Pentz, Bruce Barcott, Charles Montgomery, Steven Threndyle, Ted Katauskas, John Wilcockson, Mark Schrope, and Tim Neville
Oct 1, 2000

A Conspiracy of Silence

Will Earth's most fragile unexplored ecosystems survive the age of adventure?

Nick Heil, Mark Schrope, Robert Earle Howells, Wills Young, and Michelle Pentz
Jun 1, 2000