Rob Buchanan

Rob Buchanan


Paradise Pretty Soon

Four years ago, the president of Gabon announced the creation of an unprecedented 13 new national parks. Ready for a visit? On a grueling first descent down the Djidji River, ROB BUCHANAN checks in...

Rob Buchanan
Jan 4, 2007

The Devil Wears Patagonia

No other alpinist in America has knocked off as many coveted ascents—or picked as many fights—as Steve House. But after finding a new climbing partner and conquering one of the most daunting routes...

Rob Buchanan
Sep 21, 2006

The High Hills of Freedom

Footloose Scots will tell you there's no such thing as trespassing in the Highlands. And no one is more passionate about possessing these craggy, heather-painted mountains than the "...

Rob Buchanan
Apr 1, 2005

The Purists

Flush with tech-boom cash and answering to no one, 'Alpinist' chronicles the exploits of a loosely aligned group of climbers known as the Brotherhood, who devote themselves to difficult routes,...

Rob Buchanan
Mar 1, 2005

Blackburn and Blue

How I honored tradition by taking a vicious beating in the East's toughest rowing race

Rob Buchanan
Jul 1, 2004

Let Us Now Praise Crazy Mofos

A 2,360-Mile Swim

Cameron Walker, Michael Behar, Devon Jackson, Brad Wieners, Evan Ratliff, Rob Buchanan, and John Galvin
Jun 1, 2004

Mr. Sunset Rides Again

In the nearly four decades since Jeff Hakman first rocketed down the face of a 20-foot wave at Oahu's Waimea Bay, he's been on a dazzling and harrowing journey. There were his golden years as the...

Rob Buchanan
May 2, 2004

Facing the Fall Line

When Stephen Koch set out to snowboard the insanely steep Hornbein Couloir on Everest, he knew he might die trying. He chose life.

Rob Buchanan
Mar 1, 2004

Up in the Air

It seems like all God's creatures have lost their way in the Holy Land. But a few hopeful Israeli and Palestinian conservationists are tracing a new path along the flyways and wildlife corridors of...

Rob Buchanan
Jan 1, 2004

Slave to the Quest

Ten years ago, extreme snowboarder Stephen Koch cooked up a media-savvy plan to become the first to climb and ride down the Seven Summits. Now there's only one mountain left to conquer: Everest. And...

Rob Buchanan
May 1, 2003

Climbing at the Speed of Soul

With his supreme skills on rock, hypercompetitive intensity, and new-age bag of tricks, Dean Potter scrambles up big walls faster than any man alive. So what's the trajectory of all this velocity?

Rob Buchanan
Dec 1, 2002

Into the Screaming 50s

Something happens in the high latitudes around Cape Horn. Eighty-knot williwaws blast down from the surrounding peaks. Thiry-foot waves rear up. Ships are tossed around like ice cubes in a blender....

Rob Buchanan
Aug 1, 2002

Across the Great Rift

Beyond Kenya's endless plains lie the mythic Loita Hills, home to one of East Africa's last great swaths of wilderness. To a young Masai who gave up his birthright for the hustle and blare of Nairobi...

Rob Buchanan
Mar 1, 2002

Beat the Crowds. Antarctica Now.

As the Last Cool Place becomes an adventure-travel magnet, the scientists and bureaucrats who run the show are feeling crowded. Is this big, beautiful continent big enough for everybody?

Rob Buchanan
Nov 1, 2001

Lead Us into Temptation

And deliver us pronto to these 44 island Edens—if they were any more perfect we'd be in heaven

Rob Buchanan, Jay Stowe, Elizabeth Hightower, Mike Grudowski, Meg Lukens Noonan, and Granville Greene
Nov 1, 2001