Rob Buchanan

Rob Buchanan


Down Time

It's hard to be first at anything these days. Case in point: five comrades on holiday attempting to ski a virgin vertical face on Huascarán, Peru's tallest mountain. A study of überathlete group...

"You Are in Bear Country"

Close encounters of the bear-human kind are skyrocketing, though actual attacks remain few and far between. Hopefully, new outreach education efforts will keep things that way.

Cleared for Takeoff

Struck by an urge to leap off a tall building? Pack your chute and head for Malaysia.


The Outside 25 All-Stars, December 2000

Go, Speed Racer, Go

Cam Lewis says he's ready to become the first American skipper to set a round-the-world speed sailing record

A Natural Death

Guy Waterman had climbed every peak in the Northeast high country—in winter, and from all the cardinal directions. With his wife, he had co-authored four scrupulously principled books on New England...