Ethan Watters

Ethan Watters


Home on the Waves

Witness the evolution of the houseboat, from floating shack to marine Cadillac

Ethan Watters
Jul 19, 2005

Hawaii O-Five

No one denies that our 50th state is Paradise, USA. But anyone who's ever been to this lush chain knows a simple truth: Not all the islands are created equal. So which is best? Welcome to the Great...

Amy Linn, Kent Black, Ethan Watters, Joe Kane, Alex Heard, and Daniel Duane
Mar 1, 2005

Skijoring: A One-Dog Open Sleigh

As a teenage Jack London fan, I fantasized about mushing a dogsled. Grown-up city life derailed my Iditarod dreams until I came across a photograph of someone skijoring: two large, smiling malamutes...

Ethan Watters
Oct 9, 2003

Vertigo Rising

Forming the ideal spitball, firing the propane, perfecting the Miss America wave—and other mind-expanding ways to spend your vacation

Ethan Watters
Sep 28, 2001