Monique Ryan

Monique Ryan


Five Supercharged Whole Grains

Five supercharged whole grains and grainlike foods you can substitute into your diet without feeling like a health-food nut.

Monique Ryan
Jan 19, 2011

The Missing Ingredient?

Vitamin D may turn out to be a wonder nutrient for your health and performance. If you're not getting enough—and you probably aren't—you need to start.

Monique Ryan
Jun 8, 2010

Fun & Gains

It's a lot easier than you think to train for an Olympic-distance triathlon. And if you follow our newbie-friendly plan, it's also a blast.

Monique Ryan and Michael Roberts
Aug 4, 2008

The Empty Beach

PORTSMOUTH ISLAND, NORTH CAROLINA - On a weekend last summer, while the rest of the beachgoing world descended upon overrun sand traps like Nags Head and Virginia Beach, I took a 4x4 and a shortboard...

Mark Anders, Abe Streep, Kristin Bjornsen, Ryan Krogh, Monique Ryan, Will Palmer, Christopher Keyes, Christian DeBenedetti, Hannah McCaughey, Amy Marr, Mary Turner, and Claire Martin
May 30, 2008

Island Action

Nine Caribbean playgrounds heavy on the sports—and dead serious about kicking back

Kevin Kennedy, Anthony Cerretani, Meg Lukens Noonan, Alicia Carr, Amy Marr, Monique Ryan, Tim Neville, and Michael Behar
Nov 21, 2007

Eat to Win

Know why, when, and how to fuel with our complete guide to the athlete's diet

Monique Ryan and Nick Heil
Oct 23, 2007

Liquid Logic

Create your personal hydration plan

Monique Ryan
Jun 18, 2007

The Birdman vs. the Flying Tomato

How does a goofy-looking snowboarder become America's most coveted corporate pitchman? If you're Shaun White, you win Olympic gold, stick to your guns, and seek career advice from the king of...

Monique Ryan
Jan 16, 2007

Out-Sized Hospitality

The Bahamas' Out Islands offer a warm welcome and a quick island fix

Monique Ryan
Aug 14, 2006

Go With the Grain

Despite years of carbohydrate bashing in the diet industry, most athletes still know the value of a good bowl of brown rice. And the newest U.S. Dietary Guidelines, which call for a minimum of three...

Monique Ryan
Jan 1, 2006

The Hot List

Dispatches Special: 2006 Ski and Snowboard Report

Christopher Solomon, Lindsay Yaw, Gordy Megroz, Grayson Schaffer, Tim Neville, Nick Heil, Grant Davis, Monique Ryan, Ryan Brandt, and Anthony Cerretani
Nov 1, 2005

Drink and Thrive

After years of faithfully guarding against the much-hyped perils of dehydration, recreational athletes were hit with some startling news this past spring: Drinking water can kill you. A recent study...

Monique Ryan
Aug 1, 2005

Raising Cane

ADDED SUGARS—the myriad sweeteners that sneak into everything from ice cream to salad dressing—pile up in the diet of the average American to the tune of more than 95 pounds a year. And...

Monique Ryan
May 1, 2005

The Haute Cuisine Route

Our one-month plan (and some inspiring recipes) will help you elevate your fitness goals

Monique Ryan
Jan 1, 2005

We Sing the Slopes Fantastic

Our big roundup of supercool North American ski hills serves up 20 rides of your life—and tells you where to kick back in style

Elizabeth Hightower, Stephanie Pearson, Rob Haggart, Jeremy Spencer, Seth Masia, Rob Reed, Monique Ryan, Tim Neville, Tom Price, Bonnie Tsui, Philip D. Armour, Cameron Walker, Ki Bassett, Kevin Max, Christopher Solomon, and Janine Sieja
Dec 9, 2004