Monique Ryan

Shaun White and Tony Hawk

The Birdman vs. the Flying Tomato

How does a goofy-looking snowboarder become America's most coveted corporate pitchman? If you're Shaun White, you win Olympic gold, stick to your guns, and seek career advice from the king of...

Five-Star Fuel

Trim the flab and generate all-day energy by tuning your menu to your metabolic clock

Go With the Grain

Despite years of carbohydrate bashing in the diet industry, most athletes still know the value of a good bowl of brown rice. And the newest U.S. Dietary Guidelines, which call for a minimum of three...

Drink and Thrive

After years of faithfully guarding against the much-hyped perils of dehydration, recreational athletes were hit with some startling news this past spring: Drinking water can kill you. A recent study...


Raising Cane

ADDED SUGARS—the myriad sweeteners that sneak into everything from ice cream to salad dressing—pile up in the diet of the average American to the tune of more than 95 pounds a year. And...

The Haute Cuisine Route

Our one-month plan (and some inspiring recipes) will help you elevate your fitness goals

Eco-Pimp My RV

High-end RVs deliver comfort and convenience, but they typically keep you tethered to pavement and plug-ins—and often have you sacking out among snoring retirees. Enter the EarthRoamer XV-LT, a...


Will Steger launches a new Arctic dogsled expedition to put global warming on the world's front burner