Tim Sohn

Tim Sohn

Tim Sohn is an Outside correspondent based in Brooklyn. More of his work can be found at timsohn.com.


Make your next fishing trip to Alaska memorable with a stay at one of these resorts.

Tim Sohn
Jun 30, 2009

Shane McConkey was already one of the most influential skiers in the world, changing everything from the shape of our boards to the way we ski powder. But when he learned to fly—combining skiing, BASE jumping, and wingsuits with spectacular results—he found his true obsession. Then one jump went horribly wrong.

Tim Sohn
Jun 29, 2009

Gold Fish

In one corner of Alaska's Bristol Bay, the sockeye salmon, a $300 million resource that's sustained fishermen like 29-year-old captain Lindsey Bloom for more than 100 years. In the other, the Pebble Mine, with its projected hundreds of billions in copper and gold. Get ready for the fiercest wilderness rumble since ANWR.

Tim Sohn
May 28, 2009

For my first TV project, I traveled to New Guinea for the Travel Channel to investigate a deadly mystery and swim with sharks, crocodiles, and snakes. Which was a lot less scary than getting in front of the camera.

Tim Sohn
Oct 14, 2008

Imagine getting off a plane straight out of a sci-fi movie, borrowing an electric car like a library book, and cruising a metropolis reverse-engineered to be as cozy as an Old World hamlet. All this and more is right around the corner.

Tim Sohn, Samir S Patel, Tal Pinchevsky, and Sam Moulton
Feb 28, 2008

You don't need to have billions or hold office to make a big difference. Just check out how this year's nine eco-all-stars—from a Chilean dam buster to a snowboarder who's seen the light—are changing the world.

Dianna Delling, Abe Streep, Stephanie Pearson, Tim Sohn, and Christina Erb
Feb 4, 2008

Overrun with linebacker types who can't hack the training, recruiters for the Navy SEALs are targeting X Gamers and endurance athletes. Because who wouldn't want Lance Armstrong on the front lines?

Tim Sohn
Aug 27, 2007

Leonardo DiCaprio's new documentary aims to shock us into saving the planet. Will viewers show up?

Tim Sohn
Aug 23, 2007

Finding uncrowded bliss from Olympic to Acadia

Tim Sohn
Apr 20, 2007

Tim Sohn
Apr 10, 2007

Christopher Keyes, Katie Arnold, and Tim Sohn
Mar 29, 2007

For our May 2007 Dream Jobs package, “No Work and All Play…,” contributor Tim Sohn wrote about Gus Speth, a true action hero of the green movement. Here, read an unabridged introduction to Sohn’s article, and a full interview transcript.

Tim Sohn
Mar 23, 2007

Eaten Alive?

A baby goes missing in the Australian outback.

Tim Sohn
Nov 1, 2006