Daniel Duane

Daniel Duane

Daniel Duane has written for The New York Times Magazine, The New York Times Sunday Review, California Sunday Magazine, GQ, and many other publications. He is the author six books, including the surfing memoir Caught Inside. Duane won a 2012 National Magazine Award for an article about cooking with Chef Thomas Keller, and a 2017 IACP award for Narrative Food Writing for a profile of Harold McGee. He has twice been a finalist for a James Beard Award. Duane lives in San Francisco with his wife, the writer Elizabeth Weil, and their two daughters.  


Yosemite Climbing Pioneer Jim Bridwell Dies

Wearing wild paisley shirts and bell-bottomed pants, smoking cigarettes and posing with a kind of rebellious insouciance, Bridwell and his partners created an utterly new image of the rock climber as...

The Greatest Mountain Shop in America

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Handing Over the Sharp End

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Osa Peninsula

Costa Familia

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Worst-case scenarios

Let the Bad Times Roll

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Brandy Armstrong

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Three months of pure freedom. You're loving it—and we are, too. From big water to big walls, from oyster stands to dune shacks, fifty-one sunny ways to dive in when the mercury rises.

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Hawaii O-Five

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bodysurfing at newport

The Lip Comes Down

Wipe out trying to bodysurf the Newport Wedge and you'll burst an eardrum, yank out a shoulder, or snap a few ribs. Daniel Duane tackles the mean blue beast and meets the elite riders who court her...