Paul Scott

The Maverick

It's time you listened to Vern Gambetta, whose revolutionary methods reshaped the world's greatest athletes

The Body Reborn: 1–4

Build a Badass: Gambetta's functional-fitness approach primes you for unmatched performance

Summer Fitness Guide

The Body Reborn: 5-6

5. COREWORKING WITH A SIX-POUND rubber (and therefore bouncy) medicine ball through these rotations and throws will strengthen your core, develop dynamic flexibility, increase your range of motion,...

Get Fit for a Lifetime

To help prepare you for going big, we've pulled together 15 essential tips from award-winning writer Paul Scott's new book, Outside Fitness. Whether you run, bike, swim, climb, or simply want to keep...

The Outside Guide to Food

Whether your goal is more energy, a happier bod, or a competitive edge for work and play, our seven steps will change the way you think about food.

Revenge of the Farmers' Market

Believe it or not, many large manufacturers don't place your health and fitness at the top of their priority list.

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Fitness Is an Adventure

Here's the deal: Ten breakthrough workouts from the best fitness experts and coaching pros around. Great tips for nutrition, gear, and fine-tuning your form. Killer ideas to keep you motivated. Ten...

Surfing's Iron Man

World Champion surfer Andy Irons—our May coverboy—has a pre-season workout that proves pro-surfing's not for slackers. See if you can keep up.

Fortified to Thrive

Are the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients packed into everything you chug and chew the real secret to becoming a finely tuned sports superstar? Turn the page.

Tricky Time

When it comes to winter sports, there are skills, and there are skillz. We're talking about catching big air off the halfpipe, making like Apolo Ohno on skate-skis, building a perfect snow ramp for...