Dimity McDowell

Dimity McDowell


The Believers

The future doesn't just happen. The next frontiers of adventure, fitness, gear, and sport are crafted by bold visionaries with world-changing dreams—and the minds and muscles to make them real...

Conrad Anker, Alison Fromme, Gabriel Sherman, Anthony Cerretani, Michael Behar, Melinda Mahaffey, Frederick Reimers, Dimity McDowell, Lolly Merrell, Justin Nyberg, Ryan Brandt, Mark Schrope, Skip Card, Kate Siber, Jason Daley, Stephanie Pearson, Jason Stevenson, and Sara Blask
Dec 1, 2005

The Iron Sheik

Faris Al-Sultan's crusade to become triathlon's first Muslim world champion

Dimity McDowell
Oct 1, 2005

Aces Wild

They've paid their dues, mastered their game, and pushed the limits. And this year, they've been blowing our minds. Meet the new icons of cool.

Dimity McDowell, Grayson Schaffer, Ryan Brandt, Kate Siber, Elizabeth Weil, Jason Daley, Jason Stevenson, John Bradley, Shanti Sosienski, Daniel Glick, Mark Sundeen, Christopher Solomon, Rob Haggart, Florence Williams, Maria Coffey, and Kevin Arnold
Dec 1, 2004

Pick Up the Pace

Set a new personal best with gear and garb that can take a pounding

Dimity McDowell
Jun 1, 2004

Fast Food

We're not talking fries and fat, with fresh nowhere in sight. We're talking about smart nutrition to help you charge up, trim down, and get the most out of mealtime. We picked the brains of top...

Dimity McDowell
May 1, 2004

Recipes for Success

Though we admire the ease of energy-replenishing snacks like Gu and PowerBars, man can't live on them alone. So we asked top athletes, from marathoners to pole-vaulters, to cough up their best...

Dimity McDowell
May 1, 2004

Glove Affair

Put your hands together for the newest crop of toasty, weatherproof winter gloves

Dimity McDowell
Jan 1, 2004

Get Your Game On

Pass the summer splash test with these rowdy water fitness contests

Dimity McDowell
Aug 1, 2003

Domestic Abyss

Why jet to exotic reefs when home waters boast spectacularly diverse diving?

Monique Ryan and Dimity McDowell
Aug 1, 2003

Train Short, Go Long

Grueling workouts are the only way to get ready for long-distance endurance, right? Wrong.

Dimity McDowell
Apr 1, 2003

Wheel Appeal

Upgrade your ride with these stocking stuffers

Joe Lindsey, Ki Bassett, Sam Moulton, Bob Parks, Dimity McDowell, and Mark Anders
Dec 1, 2002

Let the Games Begin

The just-in-time, let's-party, fear-no-evil Winter Olympics get ready to rip in the country that needs 'em now more than ever

Howard Berkes, Bruce Barcott, Seth Masia, and Dimity McDowell
Jan 2, 2002