Devon O'Neil

Devon O'Neil

Devon O'Neil is a correspondent for Outside magazine.


Colorado's Singletrack Wars

And so began a venomous, years-long battle for the two-wheeled soul of Nederland. On one side: people who live there and ride the trails every day. On the other: people from down the canyon in...

Murder on a Mountain Bike

Around 10 A.M. on Friday, September 15, 2017, Ginger Chase-Watkins called the Old Town Bike Shop in Colorado Springs looking for her husband, Tim Watkins. She hadn't heard from him in more than 24...

The Ski King of the Southwest

James Coleman is snapping up small ski areas in Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico. As warming temperatures shorten the winter season and the West contends with drought, we had to ask: Why?

What Secrets Are Hiding in Your Ski Waiver?

With ski season bearing down and diehard shredders around the northern hemisphere heading into resort sales offices to pick up their passes, we wondered how many actually understand—or even read—the...