Devon O'Neil

Devon O'Neil

Devon O'Neil is a correspondent for Outside magazine.


Why Not Go Drone Surfing?

It’s a hot, windless Saturday in September. You and your buddies wanna go play on the lake, but no one’s got a boat or a Jet Ski. No matter: charge up an octocopter, lash on a tether, and hit the...

How Did a Lightning Strike Kill 323 Reindeer?

A scary phenomenon called “step voltages,” in which an electric current travels overland and impacts any person or object connected to the ground, is likely responsible for wiping out 323 reindeer...

How to Treat a Concussion

There’s no universal blueprint for treating a concussion. The protocol depends on the individual’s symptoms and medical history, and recovery times vary.

Parks Are People Too

A movement to imbue land, rivers, and entire ecosystems with legal personhood status is gaining ground in the U.S.

“Fodar:” The Future of Maps

The next evolution of topographic maps will be 3-D interactives that show how rivers change and landscapes erode with centimeter precision.

Adventure Athletes Are the New Diplomats

For the past 15 years the U.S. has been tapping pro baseball and basketball players as diplomatic envoys to Muslim nations. But now, with Dean Karnazes, we’ve begun sending adventure athletes abroad...