Rob Haggart

Tim Hetherington

The Photographer

Remembrance and final interview with war photojournalist Tim Hetherington


This Photo Is Lying to You

Like so many seemingly impossible shots you see these days, it's a digital creation—which is bad for photography and even worse for our concept of reality.

Restrepo filmmakers Sebastian Junger  and Tim Hetherington at Outpost Restrepo. Korengal Valley, Afghanistan, Kunar Province. 2007.

Tim Hetherington's Last Interview

A few weeks before his death, the award-winning photographer spoke to Rob Haggart about heading off to Libya the future of photography.

Whitewater Thrills

In a climate as dry as New Mexico's, it seems slightly sinful to spend a day immersed in cool, flowing water. But as you raft the Rio Grande through the 800-foot-deep canyon known as the Taos Box,...