Andrew Tilin

Andrew Tilin

Andrew Tilin (@atilin) is an Outside contributing editor.


The World's Best Skier Isn't Named Lindsey Vonn

After watching the parade of Olympic skiers come heartbreakingly close to medaling in Pyeongchang, South Korea, we can take comfort in the story of masters athlete Lisa Ballard.

Andrew Tilin
Feb 27, 2018

You're Never Too Old to Train at Intensity

Sixty-six-year-old cycling coach and world-class rider Gary Hoffman knows exactly why older athletes often lack explosive power. They tell themselves to plod toward the horizon, convinced that the...

Andrew Tilin
Jan 18, 2018

The 62-Year-Old Quintessential California Cowgirl

Cindy Rosser, a 62-year-old northern Californian who comes from rodeo royalty and identifies with iconic western figures like Annie Oakley and Florence Hughes Randolph, knows her way around dirt,...

Andrew Tilin and Bryan Meltz
Dec 4, 2017

The Ultimate Gravel-Grinding Buddy Trip

Two longtime BFFs, courtesy of their Frankenstein bikes and the Rebecca’s Private Idaho gravel grinder, dig deep to make more memories

Andrew Tilin
Oct 12, 2017

Laura Val Has Never, Ever Met a Pool She Didn’t Like

When one of the most decorated swimmers in Masters history steps onto the starting block ahead of a race, she has her own take on visualization. “I tell myself that I’m swimming against 65-year-old...

Andrew Tilin
Aug 22, 2017

Monsters of the Cart Paths

The 55-plus demographic is getting more and more athletically badass, and a new breed of not-really-retirement communities has sprung up to cater to these youngish older bike racers

Andrew Tilin
Aug 14, 2017

Lance Armstrong Returns to the Tour de France

Starting tomorrow, pro cycling’s most famous ex- (and exiled) athlete will again vigorously take aim at the Tour de France—with a daily podcast and a blog on Outside

Andrew Tilin
Jun 30, 2017

Aging Athletes Should Be Allowed to Take Testosterone

Last year, Kim Ciolli, a longtime fixture in Texas cycling, got busted for doping. Her case is evidence of the fact that maybe the anti-doping system for older athletes—and especially for women—is...

Andrew Tilin
Jun 1, 2017