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Andrew Tilin

Andrew Tilin

Andrew Tilin (@atilin) is an Outside contributing editor.


The Best Bike Locks

My favorite tool is an iPhone, because I can use it to call a lawn guy or a plumber. So when my editor asked if I'd write about bike security and today's best bike locks by learning how to steal a...

The Indoor Cycling Renaissance

Home bike training 2.0 has reached critical mass, with everything from virtual workouts to the world’s first truly sophisticated smart trainers. We dove into the newest tech to see how the gadgets...

Every Cyclist Should Ride with a Bike Light

We’ve seen the future, and it’s an impressively bright, 830-lumen bike-light setup from Bontrager. That system represents the leading edge in a new era in the lighting industry. Bike lights, we’re...

fitness tracking data

Will Our Fitness Data Be Used Against Us?

Every day that I log training miles, I look forward to the Moment of Download. That’s when I beam my workout info—stats like power, heart rate, and mileage—from my GPS-equipped bike computer to my...