Brad Melekian

Brad Melekian


Breaking Down Pipe Masters

In December, the surf world once again descends on Oahu’s North Shore for the sport’s most prestigious event, the Pipe Masters, where competitors battle it out at the planet’s most famous—and...

Andy Irons at Teahupoo

Crashing Down

Behind surfing’s wall of silence, managers, sponsors, and the sport’s governing body knew Andy Irons had a problem. Now some of them are finally ready to talk about it.

Jordy Smith

Air Jordy

Brash phenom Jordy Smith is revolutionizing surfing with a new breed of above-the-wave tricks. He'll be the next great champion—if he can just grow up.

Andy Irons athlete brother Bruce Irons celebrity front view full length (composition) man outdoors portrait surfer

Last Drop

There were always rumors of drug abuse and binge drinking, but until Andy Irons died mysteriously in a Dallas hotel earlier this month, nobody close to the surfing legend was willing to talk.

Mongolia's catch-and-release regulations for taimen are strictly enforced.

Water Travel Hall of Fame 2010

Presenting the 14 best water vacations of 2010.

Rough Justice

Drop into the coral reef at Pipeline and you'll probably get hurt. Drop in on a member of Hawaii's locals-only Wolf Pack and you're just asking for trouble. Here, Kala Alexander—...

Hess Surfboard

Board of Appeal

Swooping through your first full-rail turn on a Hess surfboard requires a suspension of disbelief. This thing is made of wood? Hand-constructed from sustainably harvested poplar, cork, and amapola by...

It's In the Water

The revival of a Hawaiian tradition gives us even more reasons to love the ocean