Matt Higgins

Matt Higgins


The Last Days of Dave Mirra

As many speculate what may have led to Mirra’s death, friends say that he struggled with being an aging athlete who no longer dominated his competition.

Breaking Down the Stunts in ‘Point Break’

The original 1991 film inspired a generation of hard-charging athletes. Now grown up, many of them signed on as stuntmen for the reboot to make the snowboarding, wingsuiting, and motocross as real as...

BASE-Jumping the Shark

The quest for ever bigger and more dangerous televised wingsuit stunts is going to boost the sport's already high body count.

The Grandpa Who Helps Men Fly

Tony Uragallo is a garden-loving grandfather. He's also the mastermind behind the wingsuits that help daring men zoom through the sky.

Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Snowboarder Jeremy Jones

Big-mountain snowboard king Jeremy Jones is leading the sport into a new era of responsibility—which makes him very uncomfortable.

Abby Sunderland

Worst Case Studies

Caught in an avalanche. Mastless in the Indian Ocean. Come back alive from your worst nightmare.