Kyle Dickman

Kyle Dickman

Kyle Dickman is a former editor at Outside and a former member of the firefighting crew known as the Tahoe Hotshots. He spent five seasons fighting wildfires in California. Dickman’s reporting has been nominated for a National Magazine Award. He's the author of On the Burning Edge, and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his wife, Turin.


The Human Antivenom Project

One man purposefully gets bitten by snakes to immunize himself against them. A scientist wants to turn this man's blood into a vaccine against snake venom.

Paradise Lost

Inside the most destructive wildfire in American history, and why it will happen again soon.

What If Our Forests Don't Come Back?

New Mexico's Bandelier National Monument has lost nearly all of its ponderosa pines due to fire—and the same thing could happen to the rest of our forests when they burn.

Searching for Hurricane Matthew

As the Category Four storm threatened landfall last week, dozens of Urban Search and Rescue teams were deploying from around the country, mobilizing at lightning speed to save residents from the...