Kyle Dickman

Kyle Dickman

Kyle Dickman is a former editor at Outside and a former member of the firefighting crew known as the Tahoe Hotshots. He spent five seasons fighting wildfires in California. Dickman’s reporting has been nominated for a National Magazine Award. He's the author of On the Burning Edge, and lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, with his wife, Turin.


Caves, tepees, wall tents, those green canvas triangles that caused hypothermia in so many Boy Scouts—in one form or another, ideas borrowed from these flawed shelters appear in their modern...


Thule: A company founded by Swedish outdoorsman Erik Thulin, originally to make fishing gear.


Therm-a-Rest: The first mass-market inflatable sleeping pad.



A pioneering social-fitness app released in 2009.

Stove, Portable

A packable device producing fire for camp cooking.


A bindingless monoski invented in 1965.

Tompkins, Doug

Doug Tompkins: Businessman and crusading conservationist who cofounded the North Face and Esprit.


Vibram: A vulcanized-rubber sole that revolutionized footwear.


Velcro: A two-piece fastening material that features hooks on one side and a swath of loops on the other.

Vasque Sundowner

Vasque Sundowner: A svelte hiking boot that serves as a testament to how well-made products can endure despite evolving design trends.

Vacuum, Double

Double Vacuum: A technology dating back to 1892 that suspends one container inside another, leaving a small amount of air between the two to insulate the inner contents from external temperature...

Tenth Mountain Division

Tenth Mountain Division: An Army outfit specializing in mountain warfare, devised during World War II around the idea that it was easier to make troops out of skiers than skiers out of troops.

On the Burning Edge

A former firefighter himself, journalist Kyle Dickman tells the stories surrounding the tragic Yarnell Hill Fire of 2013.

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