Riley Blanton

The Pulse

The 4-Hour Body, spending time outside, ergonomic kettlebells, carrots and alpha-carotene.

electric bike

Das Bike

Germany debuts the first high-performance electric bike. It's the world's fastest, but is it worth the price?

Greg Hill

Earned Run Average

Greg Hill is 1.65 million feet into his goal of skiing two million backcountry feet in 2010. Will he make it?

Frosty Oddities

From hot springs to mountain-town fiestas to one surprisingly easy island getaway, we've got you covered.

Loyal Mehnert

Loyal Mehnert

Introducing our 2011 Reader of the Year and six honorable mention winners.

Rahm Fama

These five chefs from Colorado are realizing that there’s no better pairing than fine cuisine and high-altitude fun.

Fresh Trips

Seven island getaways with the perfect balance of adventure and indulgence.