Rowan Jacobsen

Rowan Jacobsen

Rowan Jacobsen is an Outside contributing editor.


One of Kaziranga National Park's forest guards surveying a poached-rhino carcass.

Number One With a Bullet

Kaziranga National Park in India boasts two-thirds of the world’s one-horned rhinos and its highest density of Bengal tigers—both among the region’s most heavily poached species. The secret to the...

Minnesota's Boundary Waters

No Shirt, No Shoes—No Problem

Summer was made for quick getaways. Here are the 21 best easy-out adventures, from California to Michigan to Maine all for $500 or less.

Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

The Spill Seekers

Rowan Jacobsen sails into the despoiled Gulf of Mexico to find out what the feds aren't telling us.