Josh Dean

Josh Dean


Dogs Are the Ultimate Outdoor Companions

All you need to know about going wild with man's best friend, including training tips, canine gear, and wilderness etiquette.

Josh Dean, Ryan Krogh, Madison Kahn, and Ali Carr Troxell
Jun 21, 2012

Brain Farm's The Art of Flight

For their new film, The Art of Flight, filmmakers at Brain Farm used cutting-edge HD cameras to capture some of the most face-melting snowboarding footage ever seen. Is this the birth of the action-...

Josh Dean
Aug 1, 2011

Meet The Neighbors

What doesn't South America offer in the way of big adventure? Here are the 10 best ways to drop in on our amigos down south.

Patrick Symmes, Stephanie Pearson, Abe Streep, Ryan Krogh, Brittany Retherford, Tom Winter, and Josh Dean
Mar 10, 2011

Landon Donovan Isn’t Finished

Soccer's hardest-working man has spent a lifetime developing the endurance, speed, and smarts needed to close the deal when it counts.

Josh Dean
Dec 16, 2010

Pack Man

Obsessive biologist Rick McIntyre has some peculiar ideas about America's most controversial predator.

Josh Dean
Nov 11, 2010

Dream Adventures with the Pros

A new travel outfitter is offering up dream adventures guided by elite athletes. Is it too much of a good thing?

Josh Dean
Dec 3, 2009

When Jeff Corwin Attacks

The goofy animal-show guy is vying to become a mainstream newsman. Does he have the killer instinct?

Josh Dean
Oct 28, 2009

World Elephant Polo Championships

As a team of rookies at the World Elephant Polo Championships, we were set up for embarrassment. Instead we tasted glory.

Josh Dean
Oct 28, 2009

Skateboarder Bob Burnquist's Far-Out Dreams

Bob Burnquist is on a quest to go bigger and scarier than any athlete has ever thought possible—while also running an organic farm and choosing smoothies over Red Bull. He calls this progress....

Josh Dean
Jul 29, 2009

Mood Swing

Andy Roddick's career has been anything but smooth. More than once, he's been written off only to come back to form. And if he's to make a run in London, he'll have to do just that. In 2008, Josh...

Josh Dean
Jun 25, 2008

Powder Keg

As you may have heard, they ski in Iran. As you may not have heard, the terrain is pretty sweet, there are dudes bouncing on the chairlifts, and The hills are alive with happy women in flowing robes...

Josh Dean
Jul 31, 2007

Social Climber

Is the chalk-bag crowd ready to go upscale? New York City bouldering pioneer Ivan Greene thinks so, and he wants to lead the way.

Josh Dean
Apr 1, 2006

Cool Millions

If you can rip, you might be blue-chip. Just ask Steve Astephen, the superagent who's turning action-sports

Josh Dean
Feb 1, 2006