Mark Jenkins

A Father's Last Shot at Cheating Death

During his fourth attempt on a dicey Chinese peak called Nyambo Konka, Mark Jenkins examines the rewards and personal costs of a risk-defying career.

mark jenkins hiking new mexico road trip how to

How to Get Up and Go

One thing you shouldn’t leave behind with your foolhardy youth: the great American dirtbag road trip. Mark Jenkins explains how to do it right.

Wilderness First-Aid

Learning Wilderness First Aid

As MARK JENKINS knows, wilderness first aid can hurt. (Just ask his patients.) So he finally did what everyone should do: he took a class from real experts.

Amundsen in 1905, Steve and Mark Jenkins

Amundsen Schlepped Here

Norway’s forbidding Hardangervidda Plateau nearly killed Roald Amundsen when he attempted a ski traverse in the winter of 1896. But the failure set him on a path of training, study, and exploration...

Death Race

Bury My Pride at Wounded Knees

He knew the Death Race would hurt his body. What he didn't expect was the deep-down way it messed with his soul.

Above and Beyond

In adventure and in life, Mike was my best friend—my stronger, wiser, wilder half. And in the end, when the last climb was over, that's all that really mattered.

Infinite Sorrow

The disappearance of two of North America's best alpinists left a grave question: What happens when the only way out is up?

Because It's Sacred

Why climb America's most spectacular—and controversial—natural landmark? For the same reason you shouldn't.

Everest Guides

What the Pros Know (The Complete Conversation)

Is it possible to guide safely on Everest? Or will the mountain always demand its pound of flesh? Mark Jenkins talks to a dream team of veterans in a frank look at the risks, rewards, and nightmares...

Light Fantastic

Get the most out of long summer days with featherweight performance gear for running, riding, climbing, and hiking

Breaking Away

What happens when a Type A relaxation-phobe takes his first vacation in years? Life gets good again.

Out of His Mind

For a compulsive adventurer who can't stay put, sometimes there's only one cure: Get Zen. If only it were that easy.

Lost Horizons

Naysayers claim the age of adventure is over. On an unclimbed peak in Tibet, our man declares that it has just begun.

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