Mark Jenkins

A Short Walk in the Wakhan Corridor

Cross into this forgotten valley and you'll trade the insanity of modern Afghanistan for a far wilder frontier: a last-ditch, back-of-beyond outpost of breathtaking beauty, ancient strongholds, and...

Friends forever

In the brave new world of Eastern Europe, a bond forged in adventure�then nearly forgotten�is reborn. Just in time.

The Elements of Style

It's time for a radical reform of high-altitude mountaineering�and a fresh debate over what it means to climb right

The Calculus of Risk

Modern adventure is safer than you think—once you know the difference between legitimate danger and irrational fear

Bush Bashing

On the trail of lost creatures, mythic rivers, and vanishing giants in Tasmania's wild—and final—frontier


For the relentlessly adventurous, learning the deeper lessons of injury starts with a tough rule: You break it, you own it.

Valhalla on Wheels

Two guys, ten days, 500 miles by bike through gorgeous Norway. The only rule? No suffering.

Making It Real

A long-imagined journey to the spires of Africa marks the end of a dream—and the start of something new

Freezer Burn

How do you go native on an island made of ice? Scale glaciers, strip down, and steam it off.

The Blowhard Way

Do you lie awake at night worrying that everything you know is wrong? You need what this guy is selling!

Goodnight Sweet Prince

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry spent his life defying and outflying death. Then it caught up.

Tim Severin

Captain Retro

Is time traveler Tim Severin the greatest living explorer? Probably—but you'll never get him to admit it.

Aerial Maneuvers

Pilot an ultralight and what do you get? A bird's-eye view of the world and a dose of the maverick spirit of flying.

Leap Year

Travel is one thing. But uprooting your family and moving abroad is a much deeper plunge into adventure.

Fire and Ice

A journey to the cradle of climbing reveals a strange new alpine environment, where glaciers are melting, mountains are falling, and nothing is as it was

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